Online Home – Team Graney

Online Home – Team Graney

Welcome to the new online home for Team Graney! Its been a long time coming and as many of you will know we have had our Facebook page so some years now and possibly used that as an excuse to not create the Team Graney website, however here it is now and we promise you wont be disappointed as we develop and grow it from now on with lots of fabulous new content, news and stories about the entire team, humans, horses, ponies, our yard and adventures!

So the Story Begins

Several yards on and several horses and ponies later we now have our own yard again and are all involved in a variety of equine activities now. Elizabeth has been involved with horses for over forty years and previously ridden professionally for some years, Colin is fairly new to the whole horsey lark but proving a very quick learner, while Izzy has simply taken in all in her stride and in many ways is now far more knowledgeable and experienced than Elizabeth ever was at her age lol so watch out world!

Every Little Girl’s Dream

Growing up many little girls dream of having their own pony, own stables and being able to pet or even just seen a pony regularly. Now Izzy is up the yard every day twice a day, has three ponies of her own and a major part of Team Graney.

Elizabeth recently sadly lost one of her old retired eventers (James lost his battle with colic while out on loan to a very close friend of ours) and more recently been forced to retire one of her exracers Preddy (Predicament) due to a fractured pelvis but has now started to build a partnership with Griffin her new exracer.

Colin is a man of extremes in all sense we must say – he used to own the tallest and the smallest of our equine team and although he is currently not riding he is still very much an essential part of the ground crew and our number one driver for events, hospital runs and more.

So there you have it, now its up to you to explore the site and discover more about Team Graney!