New Yard & New Adventures

New Yard & New Adventures

So last month (October 2018) we finally moved into our new yard closer to our home and with much better facilities plus the bonus of being far cheaper lol! Spike and Ruby very sadly left us for new homes too with Spike going to Taunton and Ruby just down the road.

Our new yard still has 6 boxes but with a huge tack room, storage unit and hay/feed barn plus a lovely new arena which is nearly finished being built. We still have a nice pony paddock but also have a massive field we are going to split into at least three but even possibly fence off into a track. The plan is the cut hay from the big field next summer which will be a luxury compared to our old yard.

Other news from Team Graney is the very sad news that we lost Diva this year. She had been retired for three years and was in her thirties. Diva was the start of Team Graney and responsible for the beginning of all our adventures and fun! He was a hard decision to let her gallop over the rainbow bridge however sometimes you have to be selfless and do what is best for your loved equine friends.

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