Marmite the Bucking Bronco!

On Saturday Izzy and Marmite went over to The Talland at Cirencester for a 1-2-1 lesson to improve their transitions. Izzy was understandably a little nervous and the big digger didnt help as we had to pass it to get to the arena! Marmite certainly approved of their grass though as he did a thorough inspection upon arrival and disembarkation from the trailer lol.

Izzy had to work really hard for the entire lesson with constant trot and only a break from trot when she was cantering lol. Just to ensure she didn’t fall asleep on the job Marmite insisted on putting in a few excitable bucks for good measure too.

Poor Izzy and Marmite were completely exhausted afterwards, but they must have enjoyed it as they are going back for more soon 🙂 Marmite has been a real change from Diva and this last year Izzy has been riding them both, however now Diva has retired Izzy has taken over Marmite from her mum now who has been riding him to bring him on a little ready for her.

They make a great team with both of them being cheeky and mischievous lol so I am sure they will be getting into all sorts of trouble in the next few months and years!

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