To Horse Board or Not lol

Well the Graney family went to the Wiltshire Game Fair last sunday and as always it was great fun. We had a fabulous day out with food, drinkies, treats, and lots more. Izzy had a go at .22 rifle shooting again and archery which if 

Marmite the Bucking Bronco!

On Saturday Izzy and Marmite went over to The Talland at Cirencester for a 1-2-1 lesson to improve their transitions. Izzy was understandably a little nervous and the big digger didnt help as we had to pass it to get to the arena! Marmite certainly 

Griffin’s First Jumping Lesson!

Well what can I say we had our first jumping lesson together, ok poles actually, but we all have to start somewhere! The fabulous Greg Hill International Show Jumper used to train me when I had Preddy in work and did wonders with him so 

Glorious Protector – Griffin, most definitely a Mummy’s boy!

Well what can I say lol. Griffin has only joined us this summer after we sadly had to retire Preddy and I felt ready to take on another exracer. I wasnt really looking when I saw his advert but there was something just simply attracted 

Road Safety Scare! – Too Near a Miss!

We hear constant talk these days about road safety and how important it is, but its not until we experience it for ourselves that the reality hits home, sometimes only too literally! Our recent near miss! Griffin is rearing for the third time and spinning 

Headcam now essential kit! – Close Shave – part 1

Headcam now essential kit! – Close Shave – part 1

Thank you Dad for my headcam! Only had my Go Pro 4 Silver two weeks but already it may make a difference hopefully to road safety and horse riders safety on our roads! Yesterday Izzy and I were involved in a very near miss with 

A Huge Legend and Softie Lost! RIP Paddy the Shire

A Huge Legend and Softie Lost! RIP Paddy the Shire

I simply cant begin to explain how we all feel at Team Graney at the moment. A light has gone out and a huge legend has been lost. We shared many adventures together over his short life and Paddington will always be with us on