Road Safety Scare! – Too Near a Miss!

We hear constant talk these days about road safety and how important it is, but its not until we experience it for ourselves that the reality hits home, sometimes only too literally!

Our recent near miss! Griffin is rearing for the third time and spinning as this car passed us at approx 60 mph and you can see just how close they were! I really cant even begin to explain to you all how scary this was as I honestly thought we are going to be hit and I was going to die! Even worse I had Izzy on Marmite behind us witnessing the entire thing.

road safety image
High Speed Near Miss – Griffin and Elizabeth

We both had hi vis jackets on and Izzy had a hi vis head cover also. We are now telling all our friends to invest in and wear a headcam! It doesnt need to be a top of the range GoPro as there are lots of cameras available now but high quality image is important!

The police managed to make an easy identification on a still including the registration number and successfully charge this driver!

What is your life, your horses life or that of your family and friends worth? If you have been involved in an accident please make sure you report it to the police and the British Horse Society – you will find both of them very supportive and it may prevent another accident in the future. 

See part 1 of this scary situation!

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