Headcam now essential kit! – Close Shave – part 1

Thank you Dad for my headcam! Only had my Go Pro 4 Silver two weeks but already it may make a difference hopefully to road safety and horse riders safety on our roads!
Yesterday Izzy and I were involved in a very near miss with the horses and a complete twat driving at speed! How he missed me only G*d knows and he must have been looking over me as I honestly though we were going to be hit and I was going to die!

road safety image
High Speed Near Miss – Griffin and Elizabeth

Spoke to the police and based on my video they are taking action as car and car reg is very clear. I also have some amazing witnesses that helped us afterwards – huge thanks to them.
Izzy was amazing as were both ponios and couldn’t be more proud. Sadly looking at the video the man had a child with him a similar age to Izzy in the car, what sort if example did that set them!

See part 2 of this story!

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