Team Graney Would Like to Welcome You to Our World!

Welcome to our great new website for Team Graney. The aim is to allow you to follow our stories, adventures,  news and herd. Who knows where this journey will led us but what I do know ow is we will have plenty of fun on the way.

We hope that you will enjoy keeping up to date with our team and see what we are getting up to but in particular we are looking forward to sharing news on each of our riders and each of the herd members as there always seems to be something going on from vets, equine hospitals, trimmers, equine dentists and more, and of course thats before we even sit on a horse to ride it!

Team Graney Yard
Our base on the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border offers us a real haven!

We are lucky enough to have our own small yard hidden away in a lovely village with fabulous neighbours and great local support which makes life so enjoyable and easy for us. We know many of our fans probably have to keep their horses in liveries yard or only get to ride while on holiday or at riding schools, but we started there as well ourselves so we hope you will find some inspiration to keep aiming for the goal of your own yard one day and all that that brings with it.

Remember Elizabeth is also a trained and qualified business coach, consultant and trainer with specialist experience of the equine and rural sector so if you have any questions about your own yard or potential business you are always welcome to get in touch.

Over the next few weeks we will be building the content of this website to include lots of great pictures, some video and of course those all important behind the scenes stories about Team Graney and its members. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so watch out for news about these platforms and how you can keep up with us there too. Otherwise why not get in touch through our contact page!

So how do they say it …watch this space and let’s begin! On behalf of Izzy, Colin and myself Elizabeth plus of course the entire herd from the smallest to the largest lets get this party buzzing!

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