Glorious Protector – Griffin, most definitely a Mummy’s boy!

Well what can I say lol. Griffin has only joined us this summer after we sadly had to retire Preddy and I felt ready to take on another exracer. I wasnt really looking when I saw his advert but there was something just simply attracted me to him and after many a chat with the racehorse rehoming agent I felt I simply had to visit him. Now this was simplier said than done as it involved a three nearly four hour drive there and another return three nearly four hour drive maybe for nothing, but off we set one saturday afternoon at the beginning of the summer.

To cut a long story short I dragged everyone back the very next day to pick him up with our trailer and my poor very understanding and generous hubby, Colin plus a very excited Izzy.

Griffin getting some love from Elizabeth and Izzy
Griffin enjoying some attention

Griffin has very quickly become a fabulous member of the team and herd, however he has made it very clear that he is a Mummy’s boy. Mummy is the only one allowed to do certain things with him as far as he is concerned. He loves Izzy and is great when she wishes to sit on him (even bareback) and Colin can top up his water or feed him, but if his Mummy isnt around and others have to look after him he makes his feelings more than clear.

Only this week his has bitten Colin and Izzy has had ears back! Why? Well Mummy wasnt there to do his turnout boots or catch him or turn him out due to other business committments and he really wasnt amused in the least. Bless him he is still finding his trust in some ways and getting to know us all but of course its been Elizabeth that has done most of the handling and rebacking so far so its his Mummy he has got used to the quickest. I am more than confident with time and a little more handling by the others he will most certainly come round and warm to them too but it just goes to show the personality these horses have and how they are prepared to express themselves when they feel they need too!

Flat racer Glorious Protector
Glorious Protector in his racing days prior to joining Team Graney and becoming Griiffin

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