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Wobbleberries Challenge! All Systems Are Go!

Wobbleberries Challenge! All Systems Are Go!

Some of you may already know but for the rest of you let me officially announce that Team Graney are taking part in the Wobbleberries Challenge in aid of the late Hannah Francis’s Willberry Wonder Pony.

The Things We Do For Our Sport!

Ouch! Well that sums up today really! I am really enjoying my schooling work in our arena again but I must say that my back isnt in total agreement with me currently so its extra painkillers, heat pads and pain gel in addition to the 

Griffin’s First Jumping Lesson!

Well what can I say we had our first jumping lesson together, ok poles actually, but we all have to start somewhere! The fabulous Greg Hill International Show Jumper used to train me when I had Preddy in work and did wonders with him so it was an easy decision to work with him again.

Griffin learning to fly over poles in our paddock!

I was so proud of the ponio, Griffin was fabulous and tried his heart for me. Izzy and Marmite also had their first session together as Izzy has also had to retire Diva this season as she as nearly outgrown her and she is now over 25 yrs old with cushings and laminitis!

By the end of the session we had a course of poles around the paddock and I was told to stop trying so hard and allow him to make his own mistakes – harder than it sounds when we want to help your horse lol.

Griffin’s First Canter!

Yippee! What can I say after what feels like months of walk and trot work we finally had our first blast around a stumble field this afternoon and oh boy was it worth it. Mr G was such a good boy and really enjoyed it 

Glorious Protector – Griffin, most definitely a Mummy’s boy!

Well what can I say lol. Griffin has only joined us this summer after we sadly had to retire Preddy and I felt ready to take on another exracer. I wasnt really looking when I saw his advert but there was something just simply attracted