The Things We Do For Our Sport!


Well that sums up today really! I am really enjoying my schooling work in our arena again but I must say that my back isnt in total agreement with me currently so its extra painkillers, heat pads and pain gel in addition to the normal meds as well!

Mr P working in the school
Mr P looking gorgeous and doing his thing in our recent flatwork session. October 2016

It is so exciting and totally inspiring when you get a horse going well and the buzz is totally out of this world but until your body is totally used to the physical work you demand of it at this extra level it can be quite punishing. I have suffered with lower back pain for many years due to riding professionally for some years and not always staying in complete contact with the horse I was riding however I must say it has rarely prevented me from doing what I really wish to do.

Recently I have been having weekly flatwork lessons with the inspirational and demanding (but completely brilliant) Polly Williamson. Polly used to be an international 4* eventer herself but after an awful near death accident she now no longer rides but coaches instead. I am lucky enough to have her on my doorstep and even better she has plenty of experience with ex-racehorses too.

Mr P showing us he has still got it!
No Pain, No Gain – its jolly hard work but so rewarding working with Polly!

I am aiming to start eventing again next season but with all of my horses either being extremely green, exracers or just pure loons it is a challenge from total ground zero up! If I could complete each stage on a different horse it may be possible LOL but the point is you do dressage, cross country (with steeplechase and roads & tracks in some cases) and show jumping all on one horse so we have a lot of work to do.

Boots the Chemist is going to see a dramatic rise in their profits in the coming months not just from extra prescriptions for painkillers but also from heat pads and wrist straps and more I suspect. I am not as young as I used to be and my body is as forgiving as it used to be but if they likes of Mark Todd and the like can to do at their ages ( more senior than myself) than so can I!


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