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Welcome to our great new website for Team Graney. The aim is to allow you to follow our stories, adventures,  news and herd. Who knows where this journey will led us but what I do know ow is we will have plenty of fun on 

Road Safety Scare! – Too Near a Miss!

We hear constant talk these days about road safety and how important it is, but its not until we experience it for ourselves that the reality hits home, sometimes only too literally! Our recent near miss! Griffin is rearing for the third time and spinning 

Headcam now essential kit! – Close Shave – part 1

Headcam now essential kit! – Close Shave – part 1

Thank you Dad for my headcam! Only had my Go Pro 4 Silver two weeks but already it may make a difference hopefully to road safety and horse riders safety on our roads!
Yesterday Izzy and I were involved in a very near miss with the horses and a complete twat driving at speed! How he missed me only G*d knows and he must have been looking over me as I honestly though we were going to be hit and I was going to die!

road safety image
High Speed Near Miss – Griffin and Elizabeth

Spoke to the police and based on my video they are taking action as car and car reg is very clear. I also have some amazing witnesses that helped us afterwards – huge thanks to them.
Izzy was amazing as were both ponios and couldn’t be more proud. Sadly looking at the video the man had a child with him a similar age to Izzy in the car, what sort if example did that set them!

See part 2 of this story!

A Huge Legend and Softie Lost! RIP Paddy the Shire

A Huge Legend and Softie Lost! RIP Paddy the Shire

I simply cant begin to explain how we all feel at Team Graney at the moment. A light has gone out and a huge legend has been lost. We shared many adventures together over his short life and Paddington will always be with us on