The Little Ladies!

So I have shared a lot of stories about Griffin and Marmite but let me introduce some of the other herd members gradually shall I! Pearl and Ruby came to us last summer as rescues with a very sad story. Pearl was so nervous only our daughter Izzy could get close to her and it took us nearly nine months to trust us, but now she is super cuddly and majorly loving. Ruby is simply a hooligan LOL, her nickname is Side Show Bob as she is a hairy, cheeky little person!

Our plan is to train Pearl to drive and we have already purchased a harness and small cart for her! We were told her was trained to drive but from experience I never take this things as taken and for real until I have gentlly introduced it myself too, especially with a pony so young and nervous too! We have tried on the harness on her and oh boy does she look cute. We even took her for a walk in it to the church/village open day and fete much to the delight of some of our neighbours!

We were only planning on getting one shetland but a friend called me up knowing I had stud experience and was considering getting a shetland as a companion and for driving at some point. So it was a case of buy one get one free LOL. Jo rescued them from being exported to Crete and the outcome was looking good for them. She didnt have the space or experience to keep them long term and so we drove up to London and hey presso picked them up to join the herd.

So there you have it the Little Ladies 🙂 We will share more about them in the coming weeks and of course share some brilliant piccys of them too lol.

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